Stephanie Shi


Senior Native Advertising Editor for Cosmopolitan Philippines, Town&Country Philippines, Preview, Female Network, and Candy | Lifestyle and Entertainment News Writer | Essayist

Native Advertising

Currently the fastest-growing form of advertising, native advertising is sponsored content that blends in with the publication on which it appears. Unlike out of place display or banner ads we've learned to ignore, it helps advertisers reach and connect with their target audience while giving readers stories they can enjoy and benefit from.

As a senior native advertising editor for five women’s websites, I lead a team of editors to conceptualize and pitch story ideas to advertisers based on their communication objectives, while accounting for each publication’s own brand and readers. With the help of Google Analytics, my teammates and I analyze the trending stories of the websites to spot opportune topics to pursue. I also write strong, targeted headlines and edit the copy to ensure engagement and quality.

Before becoming a senior editor, I was a writer and copy editor of native advertisements.

Literary Work

With a bachelor of fine arts degree in creative writing, I specialize in nonfiction, and my personal essays oftentimes borrow from conventions of poetry. In 2014, I graduated cum laude from Ateneo de Manila University and received the Loyola Schools Award for the Arts for Creative Writing for my nonfiction. My work has appeared in the poetry journal High Chair, the online prose journal Plural, the literary publication of Ateneo de Manila University Heights, and in the seminal poetry anthology The Achieve Of, The Mastery: Filipino Poetry and Verse from English, mid-'90s to 2016.

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